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History and aims Foundation.

Students of the club in the chess league in the Carpathians.The Gambit Chess Club was founded in January 2009. Its key aim is to communicate the art of chess to children and young people in Kiev. When it was founded, the Gambit Chess Club had only two trainers and just over 20 students. The situation is similar today at many state educational institutes. But ongoing efforts are resulting in improvements to the quality of the training, which aims to deliver top student performances. Today, the Club has more than 600 children playing chess who are taught by experienced mentors (all Gambit Chess Club trainers have a minimum qualification of Candidate Master, and include several International Masters and Grandmasters). Since September 2013, branches of the Gambit Chess Club have been opened in schools in Nikolajew, Kherson, Poltava and Lvov. The Gambit Chess Club is working to open branches in all large cities across Ukraine.

What makes us different?
We were founded on the tradition of the Soviet chess school, so it’s nogreat surprise that many of our trainers took courses during the golden era of chess; or were even trainers at that time. But time does not stand still and work to improve the preparation process in the Club is ongoing. For each student level we have prepared unique programs to solve the tasks set effectively. And the system also recognizes the individual characteristics of each student.

Chess battles in Golden Sands! (June 15-26, 2014)Participation in competitions forms a natural part of the training process. Every weekend there is a chess tournament at the Club with different time controls; once a month there is a competition for the Club Cup; and students also take part in national and international tournaments. The performance statistics show the success of our students in competitions with other clubs in Ukraine and in Europe. For example in November 2016, Alexander Wakulenko easily won the Semi-Final of the U12 Ukraine Tournament (with 8 points out of 9) andseveral of our students are ranked in the Ukrainian Top 10 of their age group. The older group, which receives individual tuition (also via Internet) with the Club Chief Trainer, Roman Khaetsky, regularly wins the individual Ukraine championships. In 2010 and 2011, our student Olexandr Bortnyk twice won the European U14 and U16 Championship and in 2014 he was U18 World Champion!

What are our goals?
Our most important goal is to encourage children in Ukraine to be unique and original in their thinking. We believe that talent is not the result of your genes, but can be learnt. We demonstrate this day in day out with our work.

Chess holidays in the Carpathians, 2016.We want these young talents to be clever, but also happy.
Chess can help.

In the Gambit Chess Club, each child can find something interesting and learn something useful. It could be:

  • Exciting chess games
  • Dealing with intelligent contemporaries
  • Pleasure in winning and ability to cope with failures
  • The will to win in an honest battle with competitors
  • Tactful and respectful trainers

Online training

Chess training via Internet is the reality of life in a modern city. Taking children to chess training takes time, and not all parents or studentstudents can cope with the stress this brings. Fortunately our sport is ideal for online teaching. The development of different types of communication makes the training process simple and reliable. Let’s look at some of the plus points of remote training in chess.

Teaching children in the chess club "Gambit".

1) Lesson quality.
With internet training (by Skype) it is possible to have training with extremely qualified trainers who cannot come to your home, to your club or even your city. We have many specialist experts with great experience and top results. This improves the quality of the chess training. The training materials can be saved easily and after each lesson the chess trainer sends the student a file with the positions learnt. This makes homework simple. It saves time, but not at the expense of the quality of the chess training.

2) Convenient scheduling for chess training.
It’s not always easy to find a suitable method for chess training, especially if the children participate in a variety of sports and language courses. Skype training solves this issue. You can schedule a suitable time with the trainer or ask our administrator to find a trainer with a suitable time slot.

3) Training starts quickly.
All you need to do is call our 
administrator, tell them what you are looking for and your child can start immediately, even on the same day. 

4) Price.
Individual training together with the trainer generally covers costs for travel and travel time, but it’s not ideal if a trainer has to travel for only one lesson. With online training the price is much lower, because only the online time counts! It is an open secret that chess training in the large cities is much more expensive. For this reason, our Club often uses chess players from other regions for chess training. Pricing is flexible and affordable.

5) Training format.
Until only just a few years ago, the only option for remote chess training was Skype. This is also used by a large number of chess trainers today. With this type of training the trainer and student connect and discuss matters theoretically. The down-side of this method is that the studentstudents cannot move the figures themselves. In addition, only one student can be taught at a time, which is difficult for beginners. And if the internet connection is bad, image quality is bad.

To improve the quality of chess training, the Gambit Chess Club has been involved in developing the unique chess service 123chess.me. Using specially developed technology, we’ve createdthe following innovations:

a) The student hears and sees the training on an independent video platform.
b) The trainer can allow the student to move the figures (interactive chess board).
c) It is possible to make illegal moves, something which is particularly important for beginners. If the player makes an illegal move, the program shows the move and the trainer knows that the young player needs greater familiarity with the rules.
d) At the same time, a whole group of young chess players can be trained at the same time. Here is an example of how the training works.

6) Register for online training. 
Register for a free trial less and feel free to ask questions at +38 (096) 779-92-17 to Elena (Administrator) or just send a mail to clubgambit@gmail.com.


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